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Display your Dissent – 2005: Odyssey in State Space

A minus2005 short film/visual/video competition. Call for Entries.

"Display your Dissent - 2005: Odyssey in State Space" is a short film/visual/video competition. It is intended to deconstruct and analyse the images produced by the government and ORF in the official writing of history. Positions and arguments against nationalism and the revision of history should be transformed into moving images in order to make visible all that is repressed, suppressed, falsified or wilfully forgotten during the official 2005 celebrations.

What criteria must a submission fulfil?

The minus2005 short film/visual/video competition hopes for contributions which set their “own” and differentiated viewpoint to counter the all-too familiar images and narratives. Thus even in setting the central focus there are aspects in the foreground which usually are not mentioned in mass media information channels. Above all this applies to:

  1. Historico-political perspectives which critically examine the official depiction of Austria’s past (e.g. the alleged role of Austria as a victim, the concealment of post-war Nazi continuity, an inadequate thematizing of Aryanisation, the refusal to compensate the survivors of the Nazi regime, the fading out of the role of partisans during liberation, the continuity of anti-Semitism).
  2. Critical examination of nationalism and Austria constructions. In this context the question as to how social and political marginalisation is created through identity-generating myths and nationalistic imagery is important (e.g. as far as migrants and dissenting voices are concerned). An thus also to facilitate people and opinions, conditions and relationships, thoughts and connections normally marginalised by nationalistic cheering by putting them in the picture or behind the camera.
  3. Critical examination of power and the staging of power. The so-called anniversary year offers numerous occasions for the government for representation (e.g. State Treaty celebrations). The attention attracted is to be used as effective political marketing.

Who can take part?

Individuals, associations or groups can submit one of their own thematically relevant audio-visual contribution made for the competition.

What should be submitted?

  • Audio-visual material from one to 30 minutes long.
  • In addition all short films/visuals/videos should also be produced in a one minute version which will be shown at www.oesterreich-2005.at
  • Only works on mini DV and DVD can be entered.
  • Both works, long and short must be entered on one cassette/DVD. The long version should be placed first and at the beginning of the contribution there should be a colour bar and at least 20 seconds of black material. The short version should also be separated from the long one by at least 20 seconds of black material.
  • A completed entry form must also be submitted with the work.


For people or groups who have good ideas but not the necessary equipment or technical know how to produce a short film/visual/video, support can be given.


The prize for the competition is publicity. The one-minute versions of the contributions will be presented in a number of cinemas throughout Austria before the main film. In addition a number of them will be selected for a DVD production.

Jury deliberations

In order to make the process transparent, the jury deliberations will take place on the 30th April 2005 and are open to the public. The jury will consist of well-known people from Austrian public life such as Ruth Beckermann (authoress, filmmaker), Barbara Eppensteiner (programme director of Community TV in Vienna), Araba Evelyn Johnston- Arthur (PAMOJA – Movement of Young African Diaspora, Diagonale), Lisl Ponger (visual artist, filmmaker) and Gerald Weber (Sixpack Film).

Submission deadline

15th April 2005

Address for submissions /contact


c/o IG Kultur Österreich
z.Hd. Daniela Birk
Gumpendorferstrasse 63b
1060 Vienna

Phone: +43-1-503 7120
Fax: + 43-1-503-7120-15

display your dissent!

Beim minus2005 Kurzfilm/ Visual/ Video- Wettbewerb galt es, die Bilderproduktion der regierungs- und ORF-offiziellen Geschichtsschreibung zu dekonstruieren und auseinander zu nehmen. Positionen und Argumente gegen Nationalismus und Geschichtsrevision sollten in Lauf-Bilder umgesetzt werden, um sichtbar zu machen, was vom offiziellen 2005er Jubiläum verdrängt, unterdrückt, verfälscht, vergessen gemacht wird.



IG Kultur Österreich
Daniela Birk
Gumpendorfer Str. 63b
A-1060 Wien

Tel: +43-1-503 71 20
Fax: +43-1-503 71 20-15


Ein Artikel über Hugo Portisch´s TV-Dokumentation "Die zweite Republik - eine unglaubliche Geschichte" und den Filmwettbewerb "odyssee im staatsraum – display your dissent!".
Erschienen in PROGRESS 04/05.

Welche Kriterien musste die Einreichung erfüllen? Wer konnte mitmachen? Was sollte eingereicht werden?

Display your Dissent – 2005: Odyssey in State Space
A minus2005 short film/visual/video competition. Call for Entries.

2005. odisea del espacio estatal– display your dissent Minus2005 presenta
Concurso de cortometraje: películas/videos/visuales.

2005: odiseja u državi – display your dissent!
Konkurs za kratki film/visual/video u okviru platforme minus2005